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These are true biodegradable cellophane bags made from plant cellulose. What we use to package most of our herbs. Current research continues to reveal the toxicity of all plastics, which contain substances such as PCBs and pthalates, linked with cancer and a host of other maladies and environmental problems. This suggests the daunting task of removing plastic from our lives. Switching to these highly versatile extra thick cellophane bags is a start.

Small cellophane bags, 5.75" X 7.75"; $5 for 25 (4 oz) or $16 for 100 (1 lb)
Medium cellophane bags, 6.75" X 9"; $6 for 25 (4 oz) or $20 for 100 (1 lb)
Large cellophane bags, 11.75" X 15"; $11 for 25 (12 oz) or $38 for 100 (3 lb)

Use these natural charcoal disks for burning resins, essences, or other incense. Simply place a disk on a censer or heatproof dish. Light the edge with a match. The disk will spark across its surface and will then be ready for the resins/incense. One disk usually burns for 20-30 minutes.

Package of 10 charcoal disks $3.50 (2.5 oz)

A specially designed ceramic jar/double boiler unit. By far the best way to prepare herbal decoctions, especially of roots and barks. It has 2 lids, a flat and a domed one that keep the liquid and valuable volatiles in the herbs from evaporating during cooking. The Cooker is placed in a pot with boiling water and simmered for a time. This keeps the liquid and herbs inside the Cooker just below boiling, preserving essential components in the herbs that are normally destroyed during decocting. Produces an exceptional tea. Highly recommended. Crafted in China. Comes with full instructions.                                 

Small Ginseng Cooker $15 (2 lbs)
                                                                               Large Ginseng Cooker $20 (3 lbs)

Square half gallon clear jar with a tight fitting lid, ideal for storing your herbs in. Holds 1 pound of most cut and sifted herbs or 2 pounds of powdered herbs.

                                                                                     1/2 gallon jar & lid $6.50 (2 lbs)
Case of 6 jars with lids $32 (12 lbs)

Reusable unbleached cotton tea bags with a draw string top. Perfect for steeping or decocting  whole, cut and sifted or powdered herbs.

                                                            3 muslin tea bags $3.50 (1 oz)

Reusable, environmentally friendly unbleached OKO-TEX certified cotton tea filter ideal for infusing herbs in a teapot. Crafted in the highland town of Bryrup, Denmark. Can hold over 1 cup of herbs. A really great invention, we use ours everyday. 

                                                                                           1 tea filter sock $3.50 (1 oz)

These capsules are any easy way to ingest powdered herbs. Made from vegetable cellulose. The healthy and easily digestible alternative to gelatin capsules which are made from animal bone and gristle.

                                                    '0' size 500 count $14 (4 oz.), 1000 count $24 (8 oz.)
                                     '00' (larger) size 500 count $16 (4 oz.), 1000 count $28 (8 oz.)

Yerba Maté is traditionally prepared in a ritualized ceremony using a special gourd cup and ingenious perforated filter straw, the Bombilla—which allows the tea to be filtered as it’s sipped. A large spoonful of crushed, dried leaves is placed in the gourd. With a flourish, one hand covers the top and the herb is shaken once. The dust which adheres to one's hand is discarded and the Bombilla is loosely set in to the tea. Hot water is added to fill the gourd, and the tea is sipped. The gourd can be refilled several times with more hot water, as it is customary to gradually sip several gourdsful at a time. It's a good idea to cure your gourd before its first use: fill with a tablespoon of Yerba Maté (or your favorite tea) and add hot water. Let sit for a day or two so the gourd absorbs the soaking with tea. Rinse well, scrape the soft inner lining of the gourd with a spoon and dry for one more day. It's ready! Make sure the gourd dries completely between uses to avoid mold.  This unique paraphernalia can also be used for drinking any kind of tea. For Yerba Maté see our
Exotic Botanicals page.

Carved gourd $14 (8 oz), Gourd with hammered silver rim $20 (8 oz)
Bamboo Bombilla $8 (1 oz), Stainless steel Bombilla $16 (4 oz)

Grimalda Quispe Vara is one of the master weavers of the Andes. A Quechua native to the village of Chinceros (about 12,000 feet elevation), located several kilometers outside of city of Cusco, Peru, Grimalda and her entire family have been involved in the business of weaving for countless generations. They make their own color-fast dyes from vegetal and insect substances, dipping the raw wool in concoctions heated on a simple ceramic stove in handmade ceramic pots and fired with dried llama dung. The smaller weavings, such as traditional Andean belts and bags for coca leaf (Chuspas), are made on backstrap looms, as they have been done for thousands of years. Quechua weavings contain a mythical encoding, a nonverbal visual expression of information through the use of an elaborate lexicon of symbols. While there are different styles of belts, most of Grimalda’s communicate the life story of people she has known in her village. The symbols may have different meanings depending on their positioning. The left side of the belt tells the events in the life of a woman, the right side that of a man. Each belt is like a non-fiction novella. One belt can take up to 3 months to complete. Through these traditional weavings the meaningful relationships and worldview of Andean culture have been maintained from generation to generation.
Purchase of Grimalda’s weavings helps to directly support her family and aids the revitalization of Andean textile traditions that date back millennia.
See the book Woven Stories: Andean Textiles & Rituals. All of the weavings are currently out of stock. Inquiry for special order.

Andean Quechua "Belts" approximately 4.5" x 54" $33 each (6 oz)
Out of Stock

Chuspas (Coca Bag) with shoulder strap Small: approximately 6-7" x 6-7" $24 (2.5 oz)
Out of Stock
Large: approximately 8-10" x 8-10" $30 (4 oz)
Out of Stock

"Friendship" Bracelets psychedelic patterns & colors $2.50 or 3 for $6 (free shipping)
Out of Stock

Woven by 16 year old Milagros of Chincheros. Made with synthetic & natural dyes. 

BPC does not supply alcohol, check out Alchemical Solutions: a certified organic micro-distillery that makes "pharmaceutical grade" alcohol from organically grown corn and grapes. This alcohol is ideal for those looking to make their own herbal tinctures and extracts.

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