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Botanical Preservation Corps was founded by ethnobotanical explorer Rob Montgomery with the intent to provide field collecting training to amateur ethnobotanists. Rob had returned in the late 1980s from a particularly wild, two-year collecting expedition across South America, determined to find ways to help others preserve vanishing rainforests and the intimate indigenous knowledge of plant medicines. BPC was created and now thousands of participants have attended our field courses in Amazonian Ecuador, Andean Peru & Bolivia, Chile, Mexico and Maui.

At the same time Rob cofounded the ethnobotanical supply business, ...of the jungleto distribute exotic products, endangered seeds and plants. In time, the plants & seeds part became our sister enterprise, ALLIES (see Resources) while the exotic botanical products are included in this BPC catalog, along with books of relevant interest and our line of audio recordings of essential speakers from past BPC events. 

In 2001 long time BPC collaborators, Ben Kamm and his family, took over operations, bringing their deep regard and knowledge of beneficial plants and commitment to fortifying the integrity of Gaian biodiversity.

As a small family run business we remain the premier source for excellence, price and reliable service. We hope you will find health, insight and inspiration in the  items, thoughts and resources presented here.

The Importance of Ethnobotany: In recent centuries, industrialized cultures have relentlessly exploited and assimilated the indigenous cultures of the world. This has led to an unfathomable loss of our collective human heritage. In the last century the dynamic science of ethnobotany has emerged as a powerful force for the preservation and revitalization of indigenous cultures through the study of their essential relationship with the plant kingdom. Ethnobotany also holds tremendous importance for the future of industrialized cultures, not only in the "new" medicines it continues to "discover" but in recovering the aboriginal paradigm of deep interrelationship with the natural world that is integral for the preservation of the earth's biosystems and the survival of the human race. For those wanting to learn more about the discipline of ethnobotany, we offer many valuable books on the subject.

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"In viriditas we trust"

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