The most important group of herbs for all of us, young and old, living at this time in history when pollution, cancer and other diseases have reached epidemic proportions. These are herbs that strengthen and nourish the body’s natural immunity to disease and toxins. Many of these herbs are adaptogens; they increase the body’s resistance to a wide variety of stresses and have a balancing and restorative effect on the body as a whole. See the Book Adaptogens. The majority of immunostimulants contain phytonutrients that are powerful antioxidants or directly stimulate the bodies endogenous production of antioxidants. Antioxidants enhance health and longevity by neutralizing free radicals - unstable oxygen molecules that damage cells, causing many degenerative diseases and the aging process itself. 

ORAC scores for the Top 13 Antioxidant Foods (per 100 grams)
1) Raw Cacao powder*
2) Guayusa**
3) Raw Cacao nibs*
4) Roasted Cacao powder
5) Lycii (Goji) Berries*
6) Acai Berries*
7) Dark Chocolate
8) Milk Chocolate
9) Prunes
10) Raisins
11) Blueberries 2,400
12) Blackberries
13) Kale
Source: US department of Agriculture/Journal of American Chemical Society
*Brunswick Laboratories MA, USA **Advanced Botanical Consulting, TX


The immunostimulant herbs we offer are: American Ginseng, Ashwaghanda, Astragalus, Balsam of Peru, Bilberry, Cacao Seed Raw, Camu Camu Berries, Canchalagua, Catuaba, Chanca Piedra, Chia Seed, Chlorella, Chuchuhuasi, Clavohuasca, Coconut Oil, Codonopsis, Copaiba, Cordyceps, Dan Shen, Elderberiies, Eleuthero Root, Ginkgo Leaves, Green Tea, Guayusa, He-Shou-Wu, Iporuru, Licorice Root, Longan Berries, Lycii Berries, Maca Root, Mushrooms, Milk Thistle Seed, Neem, Nettle Leaf, Pau D’arco, Purple Corn, Red Ginseng, Rhodiola Root, Rooibos Tea, Sangre De Drago, Schizandra Berries, Seabuckthorn Berry, Spirulina, Suma Root, Tahuari, Tibetan Rhodiola, Una De Gato, White Ginseng, White Tea, and Yerba Mate.


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CACAO SEED POWDER, TRULY RAW Theobroma cacao "100% Raw Cocoa"
Native to Central American rainforests, this tree was originally cultivated by the Olmecs, then t..
HE-SHOU-WU (FO-TI) ROOT Polygonum multiflorum
A Chinese medicinal that is a highly regarded longevity herb and sexual tonic, considered more re..
SEABUCKTHORN BERRIES Hippophae rhamnoides
The berries of the Seabuckthorn bush have been used as food and medicine in the Orient for thousa..
CHUCHUHUASI Maytenus macrocarpa
The bark of this medicinal rainforest tree is also known as Chuchuhuasa (not to be confused w..
Maitake mushrooms are regarded as among the most potent immunostimulating medicinals, an adaptoge..
GINSENG, AMERICAN Panax quinquefolium
A powerful whole-body tonic long favored by North American Indians. Less stimulating and overall ..
PAU D'ARCO BARK Tabebuia impetigenosa "Taheebo"
Medicinal use of this rainforest tree bark has been spread from the jungle to the laboratories of..
CACAO SEEDS, RAW (Theobroma cacao) "Chocolate Beans"
Many of us have an intimate relationship with chocolate, but few are familiar with the raw, unpro..
Agaricus brasiliensis comes from an area near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Extensive experiments by re..
SEABUCKTHORN BERRY CO2 OIL Hippophae rhamnoides
The precious deep red oil of Seabuckthorn fruit and seed is rich in essential fatty acids, vitami..
CLAVOHUASCA Tynanthus panurensis "Clove Vine"
This exotic aphrodisiac is a highly regarded, and until recently, well kept secret amongst folks ..
Sampler kits of our organically grown immune enhancing mushroom mycelium biomass powders. Studies..
GINSENG, RED Panax ginseng  "Ren Shen"
The most famous of Chinese herbs. Valued for its remarkable therapeutic benefits for 7,000 years...
PURPLE CORN Zea mays "Maiz Morado"
Also called Kculli, cultivated in Peru as a food and medicine since antiquity. Highly nutritious,..
CACAO BUTTER, RAW (Theobroma cacao) "Raw Cocoa Butter"
Cacao seeds are pressed at to make this impressive raw cocoa butter. Completely unlike other coco..
IPORURU Alchornea castaneifolia
Iporuru, or Hiporuru, is a shrubby Amazonian tree and important medicinal. Used in Peruvian ..
One of the most popular edible mushrooms and well studied, potent herbs. The vanguard of medicina..
COCONUT OIL, RAW Cocos nucifera "Virgin Oil de Coco-Creme"
Coconut oil or coconut butter (as it’s known below 78° F in its solid state) has been employed..
MESQUITE MEAL, PERUVIAN Prosopis pallida "Algorroba"
Since ancient times desert dwellers of the Americas have used the seed pods of the Mesquite tree ..
SHATAVARI Asparagus racemosus  Organically Grown Root Powder
The Ayurvedic female counterpart to Ashwagandha, Shatavari has a long standing traditional use as..
REISHI MUSHROOM WHOLE Ganoderma lucidum "Ling Zhi"
Since ancient times Oriental medicine has classified healing plants, but there have only been a h..
Organically grown Ecuadorian Raw Cacao seed powder, organically grown Peruvian Maca root powder, ..
LICORICE ROOT Glycyrrhiza glabra
Nearly 50 times as sweet as sugar, Licorice root is often thought of as a candy, it is in fact on..
SPIRULINA Spirulina platensis
A microscopic spiral shaped blue-green algae native to shallow brackish lakes. Also known as..
CODONOPSIS ROOT Codonopsis pilosula "Dang Shen"
Sweet chewy roots, known to be an exceptional adaptogen along the lines of Ginseng, but acting di..
MILK THISTLE SEED Silybum marianum
Seeds of this biennial weed have been used since at least the 1st century for detoxing and protec..
This impressive White Ginseng extract is made from mature, top grade 8-year-old roots. Standardiz..
RHODIOLA ROOT Rhodiola rosea
The magical root of this semi-succulent circumpolar plant, also known as "Rose Root" or "Gol..
CAMU CAMU BERRIES (Myciaria dubia) Powder
These berries, from a bush that grows in swampy and flooded areas of the Amazon, are the highest ..
LICORICE ROOT, CHINESE Glycyrrhiza uralensis  "Gan Cao"
The "Grandfather of Chinese Herbs" and the "Great Detoxifier", this Licorice has been one of the ..
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