HE-SHOU-WU (FO-TI) ROOT Polygonum multiflorum - SOLD OUT!

HE-SHOU-WU (FO-TI) ROOT Polygonum multiflorum  - SOLD OUT!
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A Chinese medicinal that is a highly regarded longevity herb and sexual tonic, considered more restorative than Ginseng. Said to improve memory, calm anxiety, help insomnia, male impotence and even restore grey hair to its color when taken over time. Strengthens the liver and kidneys, used for malaria, diabetes and as a fertility tonic for women. The tuberous roots contain 2,3,5,4-tetrahydroxystilbene-2-0-b-D glucoside, and in order to remember that name, regular use is suggested. Very rare traditionally prepared roots, steamed in black bean juice to enhance yin energy. 6–8 grams decocted is a regular dose, or 5 grams can be powdered and eaten with food for its tonic affect. Note: Soy oil is used in the traditional preparation of this herb.

Not to be used during pregnancy. Excessive use may cause gastro-intestinal upset.

Organically grown Chinese He-Shou-Wu root .


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