PALO SANTO Bursera graveolens "Holy Wood" - SOLD OUT!

PALO SANTO Bursera graveolens "Holy Wood"   - SOLD OUT!
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Aromatic wood from trees closely related to Copal and the old world Frankincense and Myrrh. The wood is traditionally boiled and the tea is used to for stomach aches, as a blood cleanser, expectorant, for rheumatism, and topically as an antiseptic. Sticks of the wood are burned as an incense with a unmistakable sweet scent. Traditionally it was burned for purification and to soothe the spirit. Shamanically it is used as a tool for "spiritual surgery". One stick can be relit many times. It can also be placed in a drawer as moth repellant and to freshen clothes. Palo Santo trees occur in a few low elevation Andean valleys and the wood is only harvested from naturally occurring dead branches and trees that have been killed by a species of native wood boring beetle and allowed to age for a period of time. This is the only way that the wood develops its characteristic aroma and guarantees the need for intact dry forests for this natural ecological process to occur. 

Wildcrafted, Peruvian Palo Santo wood. 


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