MOCTEZUMA'S SECRET (Now with Raw Cacao!) - SOLD OUT!

MOCTEZUMA'S SECRET (Now with Raw Cacao!)   - SOLD OUT!
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When the Spanish barbarian, Cortez burst into the 1520s Aztec court, he was shocked and intrigued to discover the aged Moctezuma reveling in the pastime of a royal harem. Upon learning that the basis for this royal pleasuring was an aphrodisiac brew forbidden to all but the court, Cortez kept the Aztec King alive only long enough to determine its ingredients and formula. With the rapid culture crash, use and knowledge of the original Royal Secret was forgotten. The Europeans brought one of the ingredients into world awareness, seed of the Cacao (Cocoa) Tree, now a household item. In the original erotic brew, cacao was blended with unique medicinal herbs and spices to give a drink that is worlds apart from our familiar, puny chocolate.

Since partially resurrecting the lost recipe from obscure Vatican manuscripts we have been blending the herbal drink once more, immersed in the Business of Pleasure. The intense, pungent mix of bitter, stimulating organically grown raw Cacao seed powder, organically grown fiery hot Aji Red Limo chilis, with the bioactive herbs Damiana, Kola, organically grown Chamomile, organically grown Red Clover, and organically grown Spearmint. Our most popular product! With hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide, this exotic beverage has become an underground sensation!

We are now formulating with raw Cacao powder which we find gives the blend a smoother, richer flavor and an enhancement of the pleasurable effects, not to mention increased antioxidant value.

Use one heaping tablespoon per cup. Stir into cold water and bring almost to a boil. This can be strained off immediately, or if a stronger brew is preferred, allow to simmer a few minutes. Alternately, place in a french press, pour in hot water, steep for 2 or more minutes, then press and strain. It is especially delicious when mixed with milk and honey to taste, and can be chilled for a real treat!

To prepare a raw beverage it can be stirred into cold fresh water and warmed on the stove and left to steep for 10-15 minutes then filtered through a course strainer or alternately infuse for several hours as a sun tea.

Additional discounted bulk rates available for larger quantities, please inquire.

1/4 lb.=20 cup supply.



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