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Seeds & Live Plants of Ethnobotanical Interest
  Please note that the following businesses are completely separate from the BPC and each other. Please send catalog requests to each individual address.

SACRED SUCCULENTS: A mail order nursery specializing in rare and endangered cacti/succulents and other plants and seeds of ethnobotanical interest. They also carry a diverse and unique selection of California natives, Andean natives, obscure medicinal herbs from around the world, and unusual perennial edibles. They have plants & seeds of some of the herbs offered through BPC, click here to see a seed & plant list
They have a beautifully illustrated and highly informative catalog. Send $2 to:  
S.S., P.O. Box 781, Sebastopol, CA 95473 USA
To receive periodic emails of new offerings and updates-

J.L. HUDSON, SEEDSMAN: A wonderful business that has been around for many decades and has done a great deal to help preserve genetic diversity through seed distribution. Their catalog fully describes the thousands of seeds they offer, including seeds of many of the dried exotic herbs available through BPC. They also sell gibberellic acid kits used to enhance seed germination, and a great selection of hard to find books.  Send $1 for their catalog. J.L. Hudson, Star Route 2, Box 337, La Honda, CA 94020 USA

ALLIES: The other part of the former ...of the jungle (that of live plants and seeds) continues to evolve and is now online with a beautiful website. Write for their latest plant & seed listing.  Allies, P.O. Box 2422, Sebastopol, CA 95473

XPLANTA: An ethnobotanical garden, nursery, and micro-propagation laboratory for rare plants based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. An excellent source for medicinal plants and seeds south of the border. They offer classes on various aspects of plant cultivation and medicinal herbs.

HORIZON HERBS: Unparalleled offerings of medicinal plants and seeds from the Cech family's organic farm and Richo's travels abroad. These fine folks have done much to preserve and promote vital plant knowledge. True allies. We love you Horizon Herbs!

Botanical Gardens

We all love our planet and its plant life and each of us have a great responsibility in this threatening era of final extinction. There are many things individuals may do to offset the momentum of the vast disruption of the last natural habitats, particularly in tropical regions.

We recommend a visit to your local botanical garden (closer than you might realize) for direct contact with plant beings and the great works of their human friends. Strolling along the park-like plantings of labelled collections is an accessible way to absorb much unwritten information presented in a beautiful living textbook authored by divine Nature.

Botanical gardens and arboreta have suddenly become thrust into the forefront as preservers of our vanishing floras. These are the centers where living specimens from many regions are preserved and propagated. Increasingly, these repositories become the safest habitat, albeit foreign, for many endangered species. In the past, botanical gardens were private parks for the leisure of royalty or strictly proving grounds for crops of past empires. The modern concept is towards documented collections for scientific research, but both the public and the scientists now realize much of our hope for saving rare species from extinction lies in the fate of our botanical gardens.

Most communities have formal botanical gardens of varying size and focus, There are a few truly great botanical gardens, and the world needs many more. If we, as plant-inspired souls, can find a way to serve our botanical friends then perhaps there will be hope. Check out the local botanical garden, you will discover some of the most dedicated human friends a plant could dream for, actively involved in positive research. If you have been looking for contact with knowledgeable plant people, get involved in every way you can. The botanical heritage of our planet is at stake and it is up to all of us who care to start doing something fast. You don’t need to be an expert to make a difference, so find a way to support your local botanical garden. 

Botanic Gardens Conservation International maintains a vast network of botanical gardens, with their search engine you can find a garden anywhere in the world. See-

The Palm House - Central Group
Botanic Garden, Adelaide, South Australia
circa 1878

Ethnobotany & Herbal Studies

Our friend Kat Harrison is one of the premier ethnobotanists and botanical illustrators of our time. Director of Botanical Dimensions, a nonprofit foundation devoted to preserving medicinal and spiritual plant knowledge. Kat co-founded the organization in 1985 with former husband Terence McKenna. She teaches and lectures throughout the year, mostly in northern California. For her current teaching schedule write or email- Botanical Dimensions, P.O. Box 807 Occidental, CA 95465

The Center for International Ethnomedicinal Education and Research is a nonprofit organization working to aid exchange of ethnomedicinal knowledge and to establish an international network of ethnobotanical researchers. An excellent resource directory, lots of links to education opportunities.

The HRF is a nonprofit committed to supporting the public's right to truthful information about the health benefits of herbs. The world's first and foremost source of accurate, science-based information on the health benefits and safety of herbs.

A resource center for useful plants. Their database covers nearly 7500 plants and contains lots of ethnobotanical information along with cultivation specifics.  They promote vegan organic permaculture and the site contains lots of excellent information on ecologically sound horticulture & gardening.

An excellent and thorough database covering foods, drugs, dyes, and fibers of Native North American Peoples.

A premier database for the greater Southwest bioregion of the United States. Ethnoecology is the study of how people interact with all aspects of the natural environment, including plants and animals, landforms, forest types and soils, etc. This visionary database was developed by ethnobotanist Neil Logan, who helped kickstart the BPC website.
For Neil's in-depth discussion of the implications of the database
For Neil's current projects see-

IONA offers ongoing programs based on the work of master tracker/naturalist Jon Young, original student of Tom Brown. Invaluable holistic training for anyone interested in deepening their connection and knowledge of the natural world.

Located in northern California and founded in 1978 by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, CSHS is one of North America's oldest centers for herbal education. They offer single day and weekend workshops as well as long term intensive courses.

A nonprofit research and education organization that uses science based and traditional information to promote corporate herbalism! Nonetheless, they are a good source of information with their numerous pamphlets and monographs on herbs in addition to the journal HerbalGram.

Herbal database that provides comprehensive access to the available scientific publications and data on each herb listed.

A massive online academic database of world-wide plant use and phytochemistry, has 80,000 records!

Established in 1959 to foster and encourage scientific research, education, and related activities on the past, present, and future uses of plants, and the relationship between plants and people. They publish an excellent quarterly journal, which comes with membership. Join today!

The Society of Ethnobiology is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the relationships of plants and animals with human cultures worldwide. Membership includes their fascinating biannual journal.

An Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal that aims to promote the exchange of original knowledge and research in any area of ethnobiology and

Publisher of articles, books & pamphlets on the ethnopharmacology of plants.

The fertile ground  where Dr. Morgan Brent plants his seeds of thought.  Interesting discussions on the evolutionary role of plants and the ecological necessity of humankind's reintegration into the culture of nature.

An excellent quarterly magazine that has been around since the mid 80s. Explores indigenous and contemporary shamanism from around the world. Every issue contains articles that will interest the student of ethnobotany. 1 year subscription within the U.S. is $19 for 2nd Class Mail or $26 for 1st Class. Outside the U.S. is $22 for Surface Mail or $26 for Air Mail to Canada/ Latin America, $34 for Air Mail to the rest of the world.Shaman's Drum, P.O. Box 270, Williams, OR 97544 USA

Membership-based non-profit research and educational organization assisting scientists to design, fund, obtain approval for and report on studies into the risks and benefits of entheogenic plants and substances.

Conservation Minded Sources

An important nonprofit dedicated to preserving & restoring native medicinal plants and their habitats, while ensuring their abundant, renewable supply for future generations.

David is a independent conservation biologist, ethnobotanist and author of INVASION BIOLOGY: Critique of a Pseudoscience (see Books ). His website contains many interesting articles related to plant conservation and the so called "invasive species crisis". Highly recommended.

A nonprofit educational group that's devoted to the development of programs that benefit conservation of biological and cultural diversity, traditional farming practices, and environmental restoration. They hold a dynamic conference annually in northern California, a gathering of some of the great visionaries of today.

A new non-profit dedicated to the preservation of Lophophora (peyote) andAstrophytum asterias (star cactus). They are currently working towards the  acquisition, restoration and repopulation of cactus-specific habitat in the historical range of these endangered cacti in South Texas. Make a contribution today!

A non-profit organization dedicated to reconnecting with, exploring - and participating with -the non-linear intelligence of nature. Founded by author/herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner (see our Books section).

PINC is an educational organization promoting sustainable technologies and methodologies and drawing on the tools and teachings of permaculture design. They are committed to re-establishing a collaborative connection between humanity and the Earth. They offer a variety of excellent courses and programs covering the many facets of permaculture/integrated sustainable living.

A unique quarterly publication dedicated to plant conservation worldwide. Each issue is filled with stunning photographs.

A non-profit dedicated to providing articles and honest information on environmental and health issues such as plastics, food, genetic engineering, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, the corruption of science, and much more. Their site is a wealth of illuminating and useful information that everyone needs to know about our rapidly changing world. Check it out now-

OAEC is a nonprofit education center, organic farm and nature preserve in Northern California. They offer seasonal courses on permaculture/ecological agriculture, seed preservation, habitat restoration, sustainable community development, art, and much more. Internships available.

An excellent resource for information on biodiesel and other alternative fuels. These are becoming increasingly important as what William Burroughs called "the gasoline crack in history" draws to a close. The brainchild of our friend and colleague Charris Ford.

Offers cutting edge ecologically oriented technologies and restoration services. Water vitalizing/filter systems, organic/biodynamic agriculture supplies, sustainable energy solutions, natural science books including all of Viktor Schauberger's work, and much more.

n educational and research organization founded by Ralph Metzner. Dedicated to the healing and harmonizing of the relationships between humanity and the Earth. They are working to help bring about changes in attitudes, values, perceptions, and worldviews that are based on ecological balance and respect for the integrity of all life-forms on Earth. Their areas of research include consciousness studies, shamanism and earth mythology, and green and eco-psychology. They offer workshops, publications and audio recordings.

ECOFASCISM: Lessons From the German Experience 
by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier
An extremely important text that should be read by everyone involved in various aspects of the environmental movement. When environmentalism becomes the voice of fear, it presents itself to be utilized by those who deal in fear for their own ends. Discusses the history of Germany's back to the land movement in late 19th and early 20th century and ecological ideology espoused by notables like Ernst Haeckel that gave birth to the Nazi party. History has quickly forgotten that much of the reason for the Nazi's early popularity and eventual rise to power was the appeal of their obsessions with organic agriculture, holistic medicine, "green" building and technology, nature mysticism, and ecological restoration. In fact, Nazi Germany implemented some of the most radical environmental protection laws of the 20th century! It is important that we remember that such ideals can and have been be twisted to repressive and dark ends. The whole text is now available online at -

Other Resources

Offerings from ethnobotanist Kerry Hughes, author of the Incense Bible and Botanical Medicines Desk Reference. An excellent selection of hard to find premium quality raw incense!

A certified organic micro-distillery that makes "pharmaceutical grade" alcohol from organically grown corn and grapes. This alcohol is ideal for those looking to make their own herbal tinctures and extracts.

OCA is an important grassroots nonprofit organization which promotes food safety, organic farming and sustainable agriculture practices. They provide a wealth of factual information on modern farming practices, genetic engineering, irradiation, pesticides, food labeling and much more. They publish one print newsletter (Organic View) and two electronic newsletters (BioDemocracy News and Organic Bytes).

Non profit Fair Trade certifier. By purchasing Fair Trade Certified products you help raise living standards for farmers around the world, support sustainable farming and help protect the environment.

Learn how to buy foods without genetically modified organisms. Find out why you should avoid GMOs, learn the 4 basic non-GMO shopping tips, reference brand names by category, and take steps to help end the genetic engineering of our food supply. You can also download or order a pocket version, so you can choose healthier non-GMO foods for yourself and your family.

Little, Big by John Crowley is among the most wondrous novels of our time, the Great American Fairy Tale. Acclaimed by fans as diverse as Yale literary critic Harold Bloom, best selling author Peter Straub, and psychedelic philosopher Terence McKenna. Our friends at Incunabula Press will be publishing a very special 25th Anniversary Limited Edition in 2009. Illustrated by acclaimed visionary artist Peter Milton. The book is being published by subscription, which starts now. For pricing and updates see-

Our friend, award winning journalist, and author of The Visionary State: A Journey through California’s Spiritual Landscape, Led Zeppelin, and Techgnosis. Check his website for current speaking engagements and a diversity of fascinating articles on contemporary culture, the occult, art, music, and spirituality.

Musician, actor, and friend to BPC. Holcombe has helped to make some of our audio recordings available for distribution. When musical prodigy Jeff Buckley found eternity in the arms of the Wolf River, something of his musical soul was dispersed to the world, a parting kiss: received, transformed, and passed along in Holcombe's sonic offerings. Holcombe is slowly evolving towards writing heartbreaking gorgeous lullabies to soothe the souls of newly pupated butterflies and inspire aeon dormant seeds of extinct trees to sprout from their earthly asylums...

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