UNA DE GATO BARK Uncaria tomentosa "Cats Claw Vine" - SOLD OUT

UNA DE GATO BARK  Uncaria tomentosa "Cats Claw Vine" - SOLD OUT
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Uña de Gato (Cat's Claw) is a branching shrub with thorned, liana-like stalks. The older, lower branches yield a bark rich in medicinal compounds, including rhynchopylline, the ibogoid alkaloid corynantheine and the kratom alkaloids mitraphylline and speciophylline as well as potent antioxidant proanthocyanidins. Exported in ton quantities from Amazonia to Europe’s herbal medicine industry. A common admixture to ayahuasca brews, native Amazonian healers have an intimate relationship with this "teacher plant" and know it to unify and balance the body and spirit. Traditional use for a wide variety of illnesses includes rheumatism, cirrhosis, dysentery, fungal infections and reproductive tract tumors. An immunofortifying tonic; clinics exist today in the Amazon where AIDS patients are being treated with extracts of the plant.

This herb has attracted enormous favorable attention among herbalists and clinical phytotherapists worldwide. Clinical studies are showing Uña de Gato to be a strong antiinflammatory, lower blood pressure, increase circulation and have strong antitumor effects. Western herbalists are utilizing the bark to support the immune system, help with Lyme's, parasites, gastrointestinal problems, viral infections, allergies and much more. A strong decoction can be made with 1–2 tablespoons of the bitter bark and drunk throughout the day, or the bark powder can be taken in capsules. We offer Uña de Gato leaf as well, which has much of the same value as the bark but is considered a more effective anti-inflammatory.  It is the very finest available.

Wildcrafted, premium grade, tea cut, Peruvian Una De Gato bark 


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